Our chair offer Educational Prgrammes including the following different teaching areas : Age management, Functional Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Precision Medicine. We promote the spread of the evidence knowledge for, and its cost-effective application, to achieve better prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and other issues related to health care that will lower the impact of disease based on an individual’s lifestyle, behaviour, environment, clinical, genomic, epigenomic and other molecular measures. This vision and application of Medicine, thus, aims to improve health outcomes and save money by targeting health interventions to those individuals who are most likely to benefit, underpinned by better understanding of individual diversity.


Through its International School of Medicine, as a nerve center, offers an important catalog of university degrees adapted to new technologies, information and communication, paying special attention to postgraduate programs with high quality scientific programs and sustainable self-financing They promote the acquisition of the competencies that correspond to the chosen studies and include knowledge, abilities, attitudes and values of a culture based on respect for others and the environment, personalized teaching and transfer of knowledge to society.


FAPES is an institution created to disseminate and unify criteria based on the most current scientific evidence within medicine. Born in 2002 with the purpose of serving as a connection between the measured conventional concepts of health, associated with scientific paradigms, which need to be discussed and debated in order to achieve the true role of population health. Today it brings together courses of excellence in specialization, updating and integrative practices for those interested in completing their training. Our main objective is to open space to discuss science without emotionalism, with an open mind in the search for truth, which is why we try to see the science of medicine as a path of progress with different means of obtaining, being open to scientific discussion that supports and based on your proclamation.


Is dedicated to offering only the highest quality post graduate education and resources available for today’s busy integrative healthcare practitioner. By translating the best of science, research, and development into one resource, practitioners are able to transfer a broader knowledge of integrative healthcare into exceptional professional development and practice. Our mission is to offer programs, products, and resources that serve to provide quality patient care, outcomes, and collaborative efforts within the integrative healthcare arena.


Is a certifying agency in nutrition. The ACBN is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The ACBN is the first and currently only certifying agency in nutrition to offer Diplomate status to all professionals in the health care field, beyond the doctorate level in the United States and Internationally. Certificants of the ACBN hold the distinction of Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN)